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How To Feed Sound Into Other Areas Of The Church

There are three methods of feeding sound from your main sound system to other areas of the building. They are described below.

1) Feeding sound into the Foyer can be done in two ways.

The most common method is to add one or more good quality speakers such as the Electro-Voice S40 and wire them to a power amplifier, (Q44-II is a good choice) usually located in the sound system cabinet.

The diagram below shows an example of this.

The other method is to use a 70 volt sound distribution system. You wouldn't want to do this if you are only sending sound to the one location, but if you are distributing sound to more places such as nursery and other rooms, you could include the foyer in the distribution system.

Click here for information on the 70 Volt Distribution System.

2) Feeding sound into a Church Hall, or room which has it's own independent sound system is done with a Link.

Click here for information about Linking.

3) Feeding sound into other rooms such as crying rooms, nurseries, classrooms or Church Halls which do not have their own independent sound system is accomplished using a 70 Volt Distribution System.

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