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FB897 Recessed Floor Box

FB897 Audio Video Connection Floor Box System

Mounts flush with floor

The FB897 Floor Box is a steel unit for installation in stage or church platform floors. It can be configured to provide many different combinations of microphone, monitor speaker and computer VGA connections as well as AC power.

Once installed, it provides access to these connections via a hinged lid. When the cables have been plugged into the box, the lid can be closed, allowing the cables to feed out through slots in the lid.

The complete system consists of two basic components. The box itself, and an insert panel which is installed inside the box. Two types of panels are available. The IP12X1V has locations for one VGA connector and up to 12 mic or monitor jacks. The IP8X1V1A has locations for 1 VGA connector, 1 AC Duplex outlet and up to 8 mic or monitor jacks.

Using one of these panels, the box can be configured with the proper complement of jacks for each application. Jacks available include XLR (NC3FDL1), 1/4" Phone (NJ3FP6C), Speakon (NL2MP and NL4MP), VGA Feed Through (7356AF) and Combination Speakon/Phone (NLJ2MDV). Any unused holes can be covered with blank plates (IPV and IPX).




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