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Alectro Systems is a Christian based organization which has specialized in high quality, live sound and video projection systems since 1983.  More than 400 Churches in the "Golden Horseshoe" and several others throughout North America.have benefited from our sound systems.

Church requirements are very different from those of other organizations.  We are aware of your specific needs and we have the required expertise to address them effectively.  Our goal is to provide excellent sound and video systems at an affordable price.

In order to meet this goal, we fully evaluate your requirements.  Together, we discuss your needs, both now and for the future.  We also evaluate the sound distribution and video requirements and acoustical qualities of your specific application.  We will then send you a detailed quotation, and continue to work with you to revise it if you are not completely satisfied with all aspects.

There are many factors involved in achieving excellent sound.  We address all of them.  We select the best equipment for the job, install it correctly, and provide expert training and long term support.  You can be assured you are getting the best for your money.

We carry many major brands of professional sound and video equipment, and make a point of fully evaluating all aspects.  We select and use only the best in terms of cost and performance.  We only sell equipment which has been proven and we are completely satisfied with.

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