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Our Objectives and Methods

At Alectro Systems, being an entirely Christian based organization, we strive to uphold Christian morals by treating clients with honesty, understanding, and respect.

Alectro Systems Inc designs audio/visual systems that best satisfy each client's needs. Since all our employees are very involved in Christian ministry, we have a great understanding of church requirements. We meet with each client to analyze their current situation, goals and desires for the future, apply our own expertise, and try to keep them involved with the design and installation.

During the installation process we continue to keep our clients informed and we strive to work at a consistent, professional standard. We keep the final product as tidy and inconspicuous as possible. Furthermore, we train our clients, help them adjust to their new system, and provide them with long-term customer support. We do not want to just sell but rather to sell and support.

To ensure quality and longevity Alectro Systems offers professional theatre quality equipment which we have personally tested, compared, and can recommend to our clients. This helps avoid dissatisfaction and potential problems. We also watch for and develop new products that may be more practical and efficient as we update the equipment we offer.

Our aim for the business is to keep it organized and running smoothly by operating as a team. We try to accommodate for each employee's strengths and weaknesses to keep the employees motivated and able to serve our clients at their highest potential. When our employees are Christ centred and encouraged, we can better satisfy our clients.

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