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About the Tech Times

In the past, Alectro Systems has published a newsletter called the Tech Times. It can be found through the Tech Times Newsletter link on the left margin on our web site pages.

Although the newsletter began in 2007, we started to post it on our web site in 2009. At this point in time, we have no immediate plans to continue the newsletter. Instead, we are simply focussing our efforts on keeping the web site current and relevant.

Previous Issues of Tech Times

July, 2009 - How to Incorporate LCD Monitors in a Church, the Emergence of Baluns for Signal Transfer, Mounts for your Monitors

June, 2009 - In-depth with In Ear Monitors, What Earphones to Choose, Aviom System: the Ultimate Monitoring Setup

May, 2009 - Choosing the right screen and projector, Projection Software, Wireless RF Mouse

April, 2009 - Wireless Microphones, Microphone Selection, Head Microphones, Fix Pulpit & Lectern "Pops"

March, 2009 - New version of Tech Times, Fighting Feedback, Give your sound system a boost, Learn all about sound operation


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