Tech Times for Church Video, Lighting & Security                                                                                                                      May, 2009

Video Projection systems are great tools that can be used not only for song projection, but also to enhance the sermon by providing visuals.

In this issue, we will explore the "Multi-Media" Church and various aspects of video projection systems.


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Lorne Atkins

In This Issue:

Choosing the right Screen and Projector

With the many different video formats and types of projectors available, it can be a bit difficult to determine what is best for your church. My first advice to you is NOT to look at home theatre or other consumer products like you find in electronics and business supply stores. The equipment you need and the selection process for Church application is completely different.

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Projection Software

You may be familiar with Power Point which is a great program for sermon notes and slide shows. For music and scripture verses however, it can be quite slow and cumbersome to use.

Easyworship on the other hand is very easy to use and powerful. In addition to song and scripture, it projects video clips, live video and Power Point. It also comes with a "site license" which allows you to use it on as many computer as you want as long as they are somehow associated with your church.

For a limited time, you get 300 additional background images free when you purchase Easyworship from Alectro Systems.

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Wireless RF Mouse

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