Tech Times for Church Audio                                                                                           March 4, 2009

Welcome to the new version of Church A/V Tech Times!

In an ever increasing rate, churches are using more and more technology to help deliver the message of the Gospel. This has put new demands on those responsible for using and maintaining the equipment in their church.

Alectro Systems is dedicated to helping churches understand the new technology and use it effectively. From sound and video projection to lighting and video recording, we have the expertise to assist you.

Since 2004, we have been sending this Tech Times newsletter to our subscribers. It is one way that we can share some of that expertise by providing tips on operating church sound and video as well as reviews on products we believe will be of great benefit to you.

We hope that you find this information helpful in furthering His Kingdom.


Yours in Christ,

Lorne Atkins

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New Version of Tech Times

Fighting Feedback

Give your sound system a boost

Learn all about sound operation


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New Version of Tech Times - Now On-line

For those of you who have been subscribing to our newsletter, you will see that the format has not changed. The access however has. This is why.

1) Due to overactive spam filters, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver the Tech Times to our subscribers. Many spam filters delete emails with links and pictures. By placing it on our web site with a link on the home page, everyone can now access it easily.

2) Because it will now be on our web site, we can keep back issues available to you.

We will continue to email our subscribers a notice whenever we post a new edition of the Tech Times, at least for now. You can of course go to our web site at any time to see the latest version, or any back issue that interests you.

Fighting Feedback - Feedback is one of the most common problems in Church Sound

There are many factors which contribute to feedback. They include, quality and position of speakers, quality and position of microphones, improper tuning of the sound system and the number of open microphones. Feedback may be coming from your main speakers or monitor speakers. By learning more about your sound system and feedback, you can improve the sound quality and avoid aggravation. For useful advice, click the link below.

More advice on eliminating feedback ...

Give your sound system a boost ! - dbx Driverack 260 does it all.

A few years ago this great product came across my desk. The DriveRack260 from Dbx has since replaced traditional analogue equalizers in almost every installation that we do. There are many benefits to replacing your existing equalizer with this unit that does so much more than equalization.

Our first line of defense in fighting feedback is to have a properly tuned system. A dual channel 31 band graphic allows the installer to have greater control over the tuning, giving you more accurate sound in the room and increasing the amount of gain before feedback.

From there feedback elimination can be added to help give you more out of your system before experiencing that nasty ringing sound that everyone dreads.The DriveRack260 also has other features that help to maximize the potential of your church sound system. Use the link below to read about all the features that this unit has.

My only criticism of the DriveRack260 system processor is that it doesn't make my coffee!

More Driverack 260 Information ...

Learn all about Sound Operation - Our training materials are sold worldwide

To learn all about sound system operation, get our Sound Operator's Handbook. If you are training a group of people, or prefer audio / visual training materials, get the Sound Operator's Course in Power Point.

Both contain the same material in different formats.

Learn all about Church Sound