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Why would you want video security?

There are several reasons you might want video security in your building. Here are a few examples and how we address them:

1) To allow you to see who is at the door without leaving your office.

2) To see who has entered the building and what they are doing.

3) To record what is happening during a break and entry.

Video Door Intercom


Who's there?

Many Churches keep their front door open and often the church office is nowhere near the front door. In order to find out who is at the door, you need to leave your office and go there. Not only is this an inconvenience, but if the visitor is unwelcome, you need to confront them in some way.

A simple solution we use is a Video Intercom System.

The door station is installed outside the entrance door and the master station is in the office. When someone presses the intercom button, the system will be activated. This allows you to see and talk with the visitor without leaving your desk. You can also add an electric door strike which enables you to unlock the door without even getting up.


Master Station

The unit connects to a video door station. It features a handset for private communication, door call in LED, monitor button, door release button and extra dry contact for light activation (requires additional equipment).





Door Station

This example is a vandal resistant, surface mount door station. The unit mounts directly to wall surface or to a 1-gang box with an adaptor. The faceplate is cast zinc, the call button is metal and the camera is protected with a  clear Lexan lens cover. It features a fixed CCD camera, speaker and mic for communication, illuminated call directory and infrared illumination LED's for low light conditions.





Video Surveillance System


Where are you? What are you doing?

To address the second issue of video security within the building, we add cameras in the required locations and a video monitor in the office. This way you can see who is in the building and what they are doing. The system can be colour or black and white. You can have a single monitor using split screen (several cameras on one screen) or scanning (image from each camera one at a time).

For example, your video system configuration might look something like this:

Range of Options:

Alectro Systems will design your security system to meet your specific needs. Systems can range from two black and white cameras and a single monitor, to dozens of colour cameras with motion sensing and computer recording and editing with internet access. Of course we can provide anything in between.

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