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MIS07 - Mobile Intercom With Siren

Armored Car Intercom / Armored Vehicle Intercom

The MIS-07 was designed for the armored vehicle industry to allow the driver to communicate with a person outside, without opening a window. As well as an intercom, the MIS-07 also operates as a Public Address Systems and includes a siren.

The system consists of a main intercom unit which is mounted under the dash board, a paging horn mounted under the hood and a small microphone which is mounted in the outside rear view mirror on the driver’s side. It includes a hand held microphone with push to talk switch which hangs on a clip mounted on the dash. Once installed and connected to the vehicle’s 12 volt electrical system, it is ready to use.

Ther are a number of different versions available. For more details, visit our Alectro Systems Prodiuct web site.

MIS Intercoms 6-1/2 minute introduction to the MIS Intercom Series

Data Sheet and Operator Instructions

Price and Data Sheet

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