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This Alectro Systems web site is intended to provide you with useful information

which is easy to find and understand.

To make it even more effective, we have added informative Video Clips.

Below are the ones we have made so far.


Introduction to Alectro SystemsVideo introduction to Alectro Systems and this web site - 4 minutes

Introduction to Training MaterialsVideo introduction to our Sound Operator's Training Materials - 6 minutes

Sound System Design & Installation VideoVideo introduction to our Sound System Design & Installation Handbook - 4 minutes

Door Alarm IntroductionVideo introduction to our DA-9ADP Door Alarm with asjustable delay - 6 minutes

MIS IntercomsVideo introduction to our MIS Series Vehicls Intercoms - 6-1/2 minutes

AC Hum & Buzz EliminationVideo Session on AC Hum and Buzz - Cause and Elimination - 16 minutes
- includes explanation of Balanced and Unbalanced audio systems and instrument to mixer connection

Balanced vs Unbalanced VidoeVideo Session explaining Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs and Outputs - 4 minutes
Note: This video is included in the AC Hum and Buzz Video Session above

RFI Troubleshooting Part 1Video Session on Troubleshooting Radio Frequency Interference Part 1 - 8 minutes

RFI Troubleshooting Part 2Video Session on Troubleshooting RFI Part 2 "Beyond the Mic Lines" - 5 minutes

Microphone Pick-up PatternsVideo Session on Microphone Pick-up Patterns - 3-1/4 minutes

Micro0phone Proximity EffectVideo Session on Microphone Proximity Effect - 4-1/4 minutes

Musical Instrument MikingVideo Session on Mik-ing and Connecting Musical Instruments to Sound System - 7-1/4 minutes

Feedback on Sound SystemsVideo Session on Understanding Feedback on Sound Systems - 7 minutes

Mixer Gain and FaderVideo Session on the relationship bewteen Mixer Gain control and Channel Fader - 4-1/4 minutes

Channel EQ ControlsVideo Session on Understanding Channel EQ Controls - 5 minutes

Sound Monitor SystemsVideo Session on Audio Monitor Systems - 6 minutes

FB674 Floor Box VideoVideo on Design & Installation of the FB674 Floor Box - 3 minutes

FB897 Floor BoxVideo on Design & Installation of the FB897 Custom Floor Box - 5 minutes

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