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Alectro Systems Objectives and Methods
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Frequently Asked Audio Questions


Choosing the right amplifier
Amplifier Power rating
Matching with Speakers - Efficiency, Impedance
Quiet Convection Cooled Amplifier
Higher Powered Amplifiers
Amplifiers in our Web Store
Can I connect speakers to my amplifier through a snake?


Feeding Sound to the Foyer
Linking Sound to the Church Hall Sound System
Distributing Sound to other rooms
How a 70 volt Distribution System works
Why use a 70 volt Distribution System
What is needed for a 70 volt Distribution System
How to install a 70 volt Distribution System
Choosing components for a 70 volt Distribution System

Equalizers & Processors

Introduction to Signal Processors
Compressor / Limiters
Feedback Suppressors
System Processors
Acoustic Guitar EQ Cable
Effects Processors
Processors in our Web Store

Hearing Assistance & Translation

Different Types of Hearing Assistance Systems (Comparison)
Listen - Excellent RF Hearing Assistance and Translation System
Soundmate - Low Cost RF Hearing Assistance and Translation System
Hearing Assistance and Translation Systems in our Web Store

Microphones - Wired

Choosing the Right Microphone
Pulpit and Lectern Microphones
Choir Microphones
Group Microphones
Solo Microphones
Instrument Microphones
Head and Lapel Microphones
Altar and Communion Table Microphones
Some of our Favorite Microphones
Microphone Quality
Microphones in our Web Store
Microphone Cables in our Web Store

Microphones - Wireless

What to look for in a Wireless Microphone
Wireless System Quality
Wireless Lapel Microphones
Wireless Head Microphones
Wireless Hand Held Microphones
Comparing Popular Head Microphones
WMS400 Quick Setup
Wireless Microphones in our Web Store

Mixers & Powered Mixers

Introduction to Mixing Consoles
Introduction to Powered Mixers
Basic Powered Mixers
Full Featured Powered Mixers
Compact Mixing Consoles
Larger Mixing Consoles
Digital vs. Analogue Mixers
Mixing Consoles and Powered Mixers in our Web Store


Problems associated with Platform Monitors
Full range Monitors - sound good, but create more problems
Compact Reference Monitors - often the better choice
In-Ear Monitors - the Sound Operator's Dream is now affordable
Aviom Personal Monitor Mixing system - the Ultimate Solution
Monitor Systems in our Web Store

Recording & Duplicating

Why you need a Professional CD Recorder
Stand Alone Professional CD Recorders
CD Recording and Duplicating Advantages
High Speed CD Duplicators
Solid State Recording - MP3 direct to memory
Professional Cassette Tape Recorders
Should we record on Cassette Tape or CD?
Can we use a Computer or Consumer Recorder to Record onto CD?
Boosting the Recording Volume
Recorders and Duplicators in our Web Store

Main & Fill Speakers

Understanding and Selecting Live Sound Speakers
Specifications don't tell the whole story
Our most common Main Speakers
Fill In Speakers for Under Balcony, Foyer, etc.
Central Cluster vs. Side Mounted Speakers
Main, Fill In and Distribution Speakers in our Web Store


Frequently Asked Video Questions


What a typical Projector Ceiling Mount installation consists of
Simple Projector System
Two Computer, Multiple Video Source System
Two Projector System
High Resolution System using a Switcher/Scaler
Feeding Computer Video to TVs
Defining and Understanding Projector Specifications
Choosing the right Projector and Screen
Completely Portable System
Installed System
Determining Screen Size
Projection Screens
Converting, Splitting and Boosting Computer Video
Computer Video Cables
Complete Video Projection Packages
Easyworship Presentation Software
Compare Easyworship with Power Point
Adding Background Images to your Presentations
Wireless RF Mouse
How to use Split Screen with Power Point
How to use Split Screen with Easy Worship
Extending Projector Infra Red Control
Feeding Multiple Video Sources to Projectors and Monitors
Boosting Computer VGA Signals
Video Projection in our Web store

Platform Monitors

LCD Monitors
Baluns & Cat - 5 / 6

Recording & Distribution

Why Record and Distribute Video?
Introduction to Church Video Distribution
Introduction to Church Vide Recording
DVD Duplication
Basic Fixed Camera Example
Remote Control Camera Example
Multiple Remote Camera Example
Feeding Computer Video to TVs
Introduction to Recording Services
What Media Should we use?
Video Recording and Distribution in our Web Store
Video Cables and Adapters in our Web Store
DVD Recorders and Duplicators in our Web Store


How to design proper platform (Stage) lighting
Lighting Control Systems
Spotlights and PAR Fixtures
Remote Control Lighting Systems
Lighting Equipment in our Web Store


General Information about our Custom Cabinets
Single Pedestal Cabinet
Double Pedestal Cabinet
Compact Cabinet
Portable Steel Racks with Doors and Wheels
Permanent Floor Racks
Wall Mounted racks
Custom Cabinets in our Web Store
Steel Racks in our Web Store

Room Acoustics

What causes echo problems, and how can it be reduced?
Sound System Design
Fabricmate Wall Treatment


Intrusion Detection Alarm Systems
How Intrusion Systems work
Intrusion System example
Intrusion System Components
Intrusion System Programming Options
Why have Video Security?
Video Door Intercom
Video Surveillance System
Door Alarms With Delay (Freezer / Fridge)
DA-7ADP Door Alarm Installation Instructions
Mobile Vehicle Intercom Systems with Siren
MIS-06 Mobile Intercom Data Sheet
All Security Equipment in our Web Store

Training & Problem Solving

AC Hum Elimination
Comprehensive Sound Operator's Handbook "Tricks of the Trade"
Complete Audio / Visual Training Course in Power Point
Sound System Design and Installation Book
Steps for Troubleshooting Radio Interference
MLRFIF Radio Interference Filter Cable Data Sheet
MLRFIF Radio Interference Filter Cable in our Web Store
Training Materials in our Web Store

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