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105A Kramer Audio Distribution Amplifier Datasheet
135MA & 160MA Crown 35W & 60W Mixer Amplifiers
180MA, 280MA & 1160MA Crown 80W & 160W Mixer Amplifiers
180A, 280A & 1160A Crown Poser Amplifiers
7100 Electro-Voice 100W Dual Amplifier
C35-100 Bogen 35 - 100 Watt Mixer Amplifiers
CTS Series Crown Power Amplifiers
DSI Series Crown Power Amplifiers
GS250 Bogen 6 Channel, 250 Watt Power Amplifier
GS35-150 Bogen 6 Channel, 35 - 150 Watt Power Amplifier
ISA Series QSC Power Amplifiers
RMX Series QSC Power Amplifiers

Microphones and Stands

201-2 K&M Microphone Stand Datasheet
236 K&M Microphone Bar Datasheet
CMH2000T Clock Audio Ultra Light Head Microphone

C33E CPL 12" Gooseneck Condenser Microphone
C417L AKG Lapel Microphone for WMS400PT
C555L AKG Low Cost Head Microphone for WMS400PT
C477WR-LP AKG Head Microphone for WMS400PT
C535EB AKG Handheld Condenser Microphone
C680BL AKG Black Flat Cardioid Boundary Microphone
C5 AKG Handheld Condenser Microphone
CK47 AKG Popless Gooseneck Microphone Head
CK77 AKG Lapel Microphone for WMS400PT
D5 AKG Handheld Dynamic Microphone
E6i Countryman Head Microphone
FMR500 Telex Wireless Microphone System
RE97 Electro-Voice Head Microphone
RE90H Electro-Voice Hanging Choir Microphone
WMS400 AKG Wireless Microphone System
WMS400Setup AKG Wireless Microphone System Setup Intructions
WMS4000 AKG Wireless Microphone System (More Features)


GB4 Soundcraft 12-40 Channel Professional Audio ixing Console
Gigrac Soundcraft 8 Channel Portable Powered Mixer
GL2400 Allen&Heath 12 - 32 Channel Professional Audio Mixing Console
MX54S Rolls Mini 3 Channel Stereo Microphone Mixer
PA12-20CP Allen&Heath Portable 12 Channel Powered Mixer
PA5X140 Galexy Compact Powered Monitor with Volume Control
PM600 Electro-Voice 6 Channel Powered Mixer
PM1000 Electro-Voice 10 Channel Powered Mixer
EPM Soundcraft 6, 8 & 12 Channel Mixers
W3-1202 Allen&Heath Professional 12 Channel Mixer
W3-1602 Allen&Heath Professional 16 Channel Mixer

Monitors & Hearing Assistance

A16II Aviom 16 Channel Personal Monitor Mixer
AN16i Aviom 16 Channel Input Module
AS-1000 Galaxy Any Spot In Ear Monitor System
HOTSPOT Galaxy Compact Vocal Monitor
Listen Earphones for Personal Monitering and Hearing Assistance System
LR400 Listen Beltpack Receiver for Personal Monitoring and Hearing Assistance System
LT700 Listen Beltpack Transmitter for Wireless Microphone System
LT800 Listen Transmitter for Personal Monitoring and Heaing Assistance System
LX75B Hi-Fi Mono FM Transmetter
PSM200 Shure Wireless In-Ear Monitor System
Soundmate Telex Personal Hearing Assistance Monitor
SR50 Telex Beltpack Receiver for Soundmate System


Distribution Speaker Wiring Diagram
E810CW Enforcer 8" Dual Cone, 15 Watt Speaker
EAM10&35W Enforcer 10 Watt and 35 Watt Attenuator
EPCX801 Enforcer 8" Dual Cone, 20 Watt Speaker
ET10 Enforcer 10 Watt transformer
ForceMonitor Electro-Voice 12" Two Way Monitor Speaker
ForceSub Electro-Voice High Output 15" Sub Woofer
EVF1122 12" Electro-Voice Two Way Speaker System
FRX+940 15" Electro-Voice Two Way Speaker System
S40 Electro-Voice Small Two Way Fill-in Speaker
SX100 Electro-Voice Full Range Two Way Portable Speaker System
SX250 Electro-Voice 15" Two Way Portable Speaker System

Recorders and Duplicators

BT928 Setup Instructions
CDR510 Marantz CD Player/Recorder Quick Set-up Instructions
CDR632 Marantz CD Player/Recorder
DN780R Dual Independent Tape Deck
DNC615 Professional CD Player
DupliQ Acronova 25 Disc Automated CD & DVD Duplicator
EZPlus Acronova 100 Disc Automated Stand Alone CD & DVD Duplicator
PMD331 Marantz Professional CD Players
PMD351 Marantz Professional CD Player/Tape Deck
PMD560 Marantz Professional Solid State Recorder

Audio Electronics & Problem Solvers

231 DBX Dual 31 Band Graphic Equalizer Datasheet
266xl DBX Compressor / Gate Datasheet
ADB2 Rolls Passive Direct Interface Box
AFS224 DBX Feedback Eliminator
AGDC2 AC Hum Eliminator
CAULPTS Acoustic Guitar Cable with Low Pass Filter
CAUTSSTS Silent Guitar Cable
DB25 Rolls Active Direct Interface Box
Driverack260 DBX Complete Audio Equalization and Speaker Control Unit
Firepod Firewire Recording Interface Operator's Manual
MMSI Quite Microphone Switch with Indicators Datasheet
MLRFIF RFI Filter Cable Datasheet
MX200 Lexicon Effects Processor


Video Projection

PLCXM100 Sanyo 5000 ANSI Lumen (Install) Video Projector
PLCXU300A Sanyo 3000 ANSI Lumen (Ultra Portable) Video Projector

Video Accessories & Problem Solvers

4229191 Keyspan RF Computer Mouse Datasheet
Infra Red Extender System, Xantech
RPA Mounts Chief Projector Ceiling Mounts
VP-2XL Kramer Computer Video Amplifier
VP-400 Kramer Computer Distribution Amplifier

VP-719XL Kramer Multi-Source Scaler/Switcher

Video Players, Recorders, and Duplicaters

EZDupe 9168 High Speed CD Duplicator
EZDupe Gold Series High Speed DVD / CD Duplicators
EXDupe Pro Series High Speed CD Duplicators

Video Camera Systems and Accessories

105VB Kramer Composite Video Distribution Amplifier Datasheet
IWMGY Pelco Wall Mount for Dome Video Camera
KBD300 Pelco Pan, Tilt, Zoom Keyboard for Video Camera System
LVS-400 Edirol 4 Channel Professional Video Mixer
SD4TC Pelco Dome R/C PTZ Video Camera
SCCB2331 Samsung Fixed Camera Datasheet
V-8 Edirol 8 Channel Video Mixer

Screens and Accessories

Cosmopolitan Da-Lite Motorized Projection Screen
Model C Da-Lite Manuel Projection Screen
Picture King Da-Lite Tripod Projection Screen
Screen Controls, Da-Lite, Low Voltage, RF, IR


DSDimmers Leviton Lighting, Dimmer System
Elips30 Leviton 30 Degree Spot Light
ElipsZoom Leviton 15 - 30 degree Zoom Spot Light
LP600 Lepricon 12 - 24 Channel Lighting Memory Console
MXDIMMER Lepricon 12 Channel Dimmer Pack
ULD360 Lepricon Tree Mount Dimmer Pack
X10Pro Wireless Lighting Control System

Custom Cabinets and Stands

CabCompact1 Alectro Systems Custom Built Wooden Cabinet, Small Size
CabBompact2 Alectro Systems Custom Built Wooden Cabinet, Medium Size
CabDouble Alectro Systems Custom Built Wooden Cabinet, Double Size
CabSingle Alectro Systems Custom Built Wooden Cabinet, Single Size
2642 CBM Portable VCR and Video Projector Cart, Small
3645E CBM Portable VCR and Video Projector Cart, Large
DWR Middle Atlantic Wall Mount Rack Unit
ERK Series Middle Atlantic Rack Unit
PTRK Middle Atlantic Rolloing Rack

Training & Support

ASI Sound System Design & Installation Book Contents
ASI Sound Operator's Handbook Contents
ASI Sound Operator's Handbook Download Instructions
ASI Sound System Training CD Datasheet
ASI Sound System Training Download Datasheet
ASI Sound System Training Download Instructions
ASI Sound Training Pack Download Instructions
Service Contract, Alectro Systems Support


DA-9ADP Alectro Systems Adjustable Door Alarm System
DA-9ADP Installation Instructions
Digiplex Paradox Security System
MIS07 Mobile Intercom With Siren Datasheet
MIS07 Mobile Intercom With Siren Operation
MIS07 Mobile Intercom With Siren Installation
MIS08 Dual Mobile Intercom With Siren Datasheet
MIS08 Dual Mobile Intercom With Siren Operation
MIS08 Dual Mobile Intercom With Siren Installation
MIS09 Mobile Intercom With EV Siren Datasheet
MIS09 Mobile Intercom With EV Siren Operation
MIS09 Mobile Intercom With EV Siren Installation
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